Hello, I'm Pascal Hargrove,
a Creative
Web Designer / Graphic Designer /
Front-End Developer.

About Me

Love design. Love coding. Love sci-fi and being a nerd. And I love music!

my approach

The first thing I'd like to do before starting any individual or small business project is to meet the client face-to-face either in person (or Skype if they live in another state) to discuss their needs, timeline, what they'd like/expect the outcome of the site to be, the funcitionality needed as well as some background on the business or owners themselves to gather information to give the site a more personal and customized feel.

my mission

I will provide customized, digital solutions to build a site that will service your business well. I plan, design, and develop stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic bringing more customers to your site. Also, I believe in utilizing the power of the Internet to help clients grow their business, building digital solutions that perform with great cutting-edge design and development.

my experience

Graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division with a Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media (as well as authoring/scripting languages for Web Development). My current "real world" experience is working on class projects and side projects for the past 6+ years. I've worked on some small corporate projects at a former employer (Towers Watson; graphic design & video) and my current employer (Capital One; web).


I Live in The Shockwave Effect Where a Creative and Technical Galaxy Have Collided

web design

Whether I need to build your site with a web framework like Bootstrap for a smaller budget to a totally hand-mand from scratch custom site for bigger budgets. Any idea can be beautifully brought to life with great web design.

web development

Responsive development will help make your website easily accessible across all devices. Every site will be built to look great on desktops to tablets to mobile devices and all will be built with HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery as well as some awesome open source CSS/JS files for features like image sliders, animations, galleries, etc.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What you may see as being the next buzzword in an industry is the present and future of SEO. Search engines are getting smarter, and that’s a good thing. Your site will certainly be SEO optimized.

Graphic Design / interactive Media

While my specialty and focus is Web Design, I never turn down an opportunity to be creative in another media. I will more than happy to discuss any graphic design or interactive media project with you. Getting to be creative in any way is always fun.

My Process

These are the steps of the process that I follow with every web-related project.

1. connect

First thing to do is connect with you (the client or individual) by meeting in person or through Skype/Facetime to determine your needs and scope of project.

2. brainstorming

Next I like to brainstorm by simply writing (or typing) anything that comes to mind while thinking over project ideas. No rules! That's the fun about brainstorming.

3. sketch ideas/prototype

I sketch ideas on paper or play around with them digitally in Photoshop/Illustrator and then build the prototypes in Photoshop. I sometimes even create a mood board. Whatever generates ideas!

4. research

This is such a crucial step in any project. Through proper research, I will find out valuable information about you or your company (the client), your competitors, and your industry. All of which will be helpful in building the new site!

5. BUILD IT with code

After the designs have been approved by the you (the client), the next thing I do is build the site with lots of code. This will be your standard use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. All sites will be responsive on all mobile devices.

6. deployment

Last step in the process is to assist you in deploying your site which simply means getting your site live on the Web! I will assist you in purchasing a domain and/or with web hosting, if necessary. I'm available after project is completed to answer any questions.


Gallery of My Work. Click on image to view more info on any project.

Let's Connect

Send me a message and let me know how I can help bring your ideas to life and then to the Web!